Tabulinum: 0150-0215,_Clemens_Alexandrinus,_
Materia: Lexicum Proprium seu 'Concordances' - Opera Omnia: 15,381 Versicula cum 269,949 Verbis seu 'Words'
Argumentum: 0150-0215,_Clemens_Alexandrinus,_ - Lexicum Proprium seu 'Concordances' - Opera Omnia

    Conspectus Operum ex quibus Lexicum Proprium procedit, seu 'List of writings from which the Author's Dictionary has been made'
 Eclogae propheticae  Excerpta ex Theodoto  Fragmenta  Hymnus Christi servatoris
 Paedagogus  Protrepticus  Quis dives salvetur  Stromata

Ad Verba quae incipiunt cum: α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ ς σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω

Uncis obtundis, < et >, includuntur verba, quae in codicem errore inlata videntur, sive ex aliqua glossa, sive ea includuntur, quae e textu codicis excidisse, ideoque supplenda esse putantur. ν littera additicia (sive ν euphonicum) ante consonantem litteram haud raro in codicis omittatur, saepissime vero aliena manu sit erasa: uniformitati consulens grammaticorumque consuetudini more gerens, semper ante consonantem consulto delevimus.
Monitum seu 'Attention, please'
This Internet edition supplies only the words that have been found more than 10 times in the entire Opera Omnia, in order to reduce the used space on hard disk. For the same reasons the following words are not linked:
αι, αλλ, αλλα, αν, απο, αυτοις, αυτον, αυτου, αυτους, αυτω, αυτων, γαρ, γε, δ, δε, δε, δι, δια, ε, εαν, ει, ει, ειναι, εις, εκ, εν, εξ, επι, εστι, εστιν, η, η, ημας, ημιν, ημων, ην, θεου, ινα, κ, και, και, κατα, λεγει, με, μεν, μετα, μη, μου, ο, ο, οι, οτε, οτι, ου, ουδε, ουκ, ουν, ουτως, ουχ, παντα, παρα, περι, προς, σου, τ, τα, ταις, τας, ταυτα, τε, τη, την, της, τι, τι, τις, το, τοις, τον, του, τους, τουτο, τω, των, υπο, ων, ως.
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When Greek text is set in all-caps or small-caps, tonos and other accent marks are conventionally removed. When this rule is applied to the dialytika-tonos, the tonos mark is dropped, but the dialytika remains, e.g. μαΐστρος -> ΜΑΪΣΤΡΟΣ. Greek words have been sorted as they were without accents and tonos. It is customary among editors of greek texts to use proprietary font sets, which are usually nice but make it difficult to cut, copy and save the texts. On the contrary, we used the ISO-Standard charset windows 1252.

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