Veteris Novique Testamenti Gręca Lexica Propria seu 'Concordances' (Mela G.S. Curatore)
«Credo Deo revelanti, non theologo opinanti» [SER Siri Giuseppe, variatio ex Lennerz Heinrich]

       Sacrae Scripturae
                     Vetus Testamentum Gręce [Catholica Editio cum Machabaeorum Libris duobus]
                     Novum Testamentum Gręce [Recensio potissimum Vaticano gr. 1209 B, saec. IV]

Lexicum Proprium seu 'Concordances' means to read occurrences of a given term (or expression) in the context the word comes from, that is, the whole phrases.
Given a text or several texts of the same or several authors, the concordance program provides as many files as the words found in all these writings.
The name of these files is the word itself.
Each file holds the collection of all the phrases where the word of interest can be found in all the considered texts.
Before or besides each phrase, Author, Title of the writing to that the pharse is belonging, and the relative reference is reported.
The reference is usually clickable, to see the full text just in the point where the phrase can be found. Note please that the efficiency of the pointer function depends on type and setting of the web browser you are using.
In this Internet edition, only words with a frequency gretear than a given threshold are usually reported, in order to safe disk space. However, the full Lexicon can be requested on DVD version.

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