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Copyright. Terms and Conditions.


    Copyright gives the author of an original work exclusive right for a certain time period in relation to that work, including its publication, distribution and adaptation, after which time the work is said to enter the public domain. Some jurisdictions also recognize "moral rights" of the creator of a work, such as the right to be credited for the work. Copyright is described under the umbrella term intellectual property along with patents and trademarks.
    Copyright has been internationally standardized, lasting between fifty to a hundred years from the author's death, or a shorter period for anonymous or corporate authorship. Some jurisdictions have required formalities to establishing copyright, but most recognize copyright in any completed work, without formal registration. Generally, copyright is enforced as a civil matter, though some jurisdictions do apply criminal sanctions.
    Under the Berne Convention, copyrights for creative works do not have to be asserted or declared, as they are automatically in force at creation. As soon as a work is "fixed", that is, written or recorded on some physical medium, its author is automatically entitled to all copyrights in the work, and to any derivative works unless and until the author explicitly disclaims them, or until the copyright expires.
    Copyright laws have been standardized to some extent through international conventions. These multilateral treaties have been ratified by nearly all countries, and international organizations such as the European Union or World Trade Organization require their member states to comply with them. Although there are consistencies among nations' intellectual property laws, each jurisdiction has separate and distinct laws and regulations about copyright.
    Copyright subsists for a variety of lengths in different jurisdictions.

    Source: Wikipedia

    Documenta Catholica Omnia.

    Documenta Catholica Omnia is the official site of the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas, a non-profit oriented membership. Since the site holds documents which are downloadable for free, Documenta Catholica Omnia does not publish texts that could interfere with business of existing publishers.
    Documenta Catholica Omnia is mainly a collection of available texts, declared of public domain, that is, no longer subject to copyright's restrictions. Almost all these texts are often very difficult to discover. A large number of these texts has been downloaded from the Internet and formatted according to our own style. Every one of them is shown in a *.doc or *pdf format which holds the whole text, in order to avoid the very tiresome assembling and formatting of a lot of different *.html pages.
    Despite the fact that the reported texts are in the public domain, some of them are still under the copyright of the compiler(s) and/or editor(s), who always must be cited.
    The texts of authors dead for more than a century ago are certainly no longer covered by copyright. Any critical apparatus is instead covered by copyright, if it was written within the time limits of copyright. However, these time limits may vary from state to state.
    Usually, major sites clearly show their copyright as well as their Terms and Conditions, but this is not the rule for minor sites, especially those that search engines list in the last pages. Other sites assume their copyright as a moral right to be cited without any further restriction, such as DCO. Often it is simply impossible to understand what are the terms and conditions of the author's website.
    Moreover, digital editions of the same text should be obviously identical. Layout and format may differ, but the text must be identical, despite the fact that some typing errors may be found. Lastly, many users send us a wide variety of texts. When the source is not clearly reported, and this is almost always the rule, one can only check whether the text is identical to the original one.
    Therefore, whoever may feel his rights damaged can get in touch with the web master explaining his reasons: in this case the file in object will be removed from the site.
         Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas is merely the custodian of these texts: nevertheless, this work is expensive. So in order to keep providing this resource, follow with care the Terms and Conditions.
    Access to Documenta Catholica Omnia is free. It requires no money or no password, except for certain types of documents. Use it, but do not abuse it.You have only to follow the Terms and Conditions of use.
    As far as the Migne Patrologia Graeca is concerned, many files were created by the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG®), a research center at the University of California, Irvine, which digitized these Greek texts and owns the relevant ®copyright. Prof. M. Pantelia, TLG Director, authorized us to post them into our site.
    Many digital photocopies of books have been downloaded from Google Books, Gallica (bibliothèque numérique de la Bibliothèque nationale de France), and Internet Archive: of course, they still retain their watermark.
    As far as *.pdf files are concerned, mouse right click shows the source and copyright status (document properties). Please, remember that the Acorbat's OCR function removes watermarks and properties of the documents.


    By using this site, you signify your agreement to the above reported statements and to the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these statements and Terms and Conditions, do not use this site. Users must follow the copyright laws of the country they come from. Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

    Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas does not claim the copyright on texts but rather on their formatting and will retain the relevant "moral rights". Citation will be appreciated. Source and/or copyright of Authors/Editors other than DCO must always be reported. An empty document property section simply means that we do not know the source and the copyright status of the text and that we were not able to detect it. Readers are kindly requested to notify us any errors or omissions.

    By downloading documents from this site, you signify that:
    - texts are accepted 'tel quel', that is, as they are
    - the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas is not responsible for any misprint, error or imprecision.

    The downloaded documents are available only for study or edification purposes, for use by individuals. Their circulation is desirable, but their use for any kind of commercial purpose is not permitted.
    Download only what you need. Do not build personal libraries which you cannot read.

    According to our domestic laws dealing with copyright:
        1°. No more than 10% of any given low-level section can be downloaded and stored on local hard disk.
        2°. The use of download sustained by spreaders and/or robots is strictly forbidden.
        3°. We cannot authorize or provide mirror sites.
        4°. Texts and properties of documents cannot be modified.
        5°. It is strictly forbidden to force the texts which are protected by password.
        6°. Source and/or copyright of Authors/Editors other than DCO must be mandatory reported.


        The Request must be addressed via e-mail to: Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas

        1. To request Lexica Propria or large set of files:

        The request must include all the following items:
        - real first and last name;
        - address, phone and fax number;
        - institution;
        - detailed reasons for the request or, in the case, a detailed research project;
        - a detailed CV of the project leader;
        - the acceptance of the copyright of Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas;
        - the declaration that texts are accepted 'tel quel', that is, as they are;
        - the acceptance that the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas is not responsible for any misprint, error or imprecision;
        - a clear commitment that the received data will not be commercialized;
        - a clear commitment that whenever parts of the received data will be published the full name of the Society will be always reported;
        - a declaration that the received documents will not used against the Catholic Church.

        Each request will be examined by the international Editorial Board.
        The Rector will examine personally the requests endorsed by members of the Society or the local Catholic Bishop.

        2. To request the high resolution digital images of volumes coming from Migne Patrologia Graeca:

    - This option is reserved for religious or civil institutions, such as religious orders, universities, research centers and similar institutions.
    - These Institutions must be known to operate in the field of Patristics.
    - A joint research project must be developed and formalized between this/these institution(s) and the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas,
    - These requests for scientific collaboration must always be approved by the local Catholic Bishop.

    Each request will be examined by the international Editorial Board.
    The Rector of the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept the request.

    Important note.

    Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas greatly appreciate internet links.

    Please, do not link directly the document of interest (*.doc, *.pdf, etc.) but the *.html form «Documenti Lineamenta» which links to it, since the address of the document can be changed over time.

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